The Fappening!

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Want to stay on top of all the latest and hottest celebrity action? There’s only one way to go about it! Our Fappening blog will keep you posted on the latest celebrity content.

What does fappening mean?

Let us refresh your memory real quick – “Fappening” refers to the historic event that happened back in 2014. Multiple big-name celebrities got exposed and outed as VERY naughty girls. Essentially, Fappening refers to the ginormous leak of nude pictures of famous actresses, models, and athletes. Over the last couple of years, there have been countless new Fappening leaks, some of which were way hotter than the ones that came before them.

As you probably understand, life-changing events like “Celebgate” can’t happen every day (or every week, for that matter). That’s why we don’t focus exclusively on the leaks. What we do instead is post pictures of nude celebs on a daily basis. The photos come from multiple sources, i.e. social media nudes, naked scenes from movies and TV shows, paparazzi photos, you name it. Even if it’s not the Fappening season there’s still no shortage of nude celebrities, as you’ll soon come to realize.

Stay tuned with our Fappening blog

Unlike other celebrity-centric websites, don’t waste your time by posting pictures that aren’t really arousing. We have a reputation to uphold, so don’t expect us to churn out photos that are both dull and pointless. We have a strict quality control policy that prevents you from seeing uninteresting pictures or photos featuring celebrities that don’t deserve your attention at all.

Our layout is simple and clean, on top of being mobile-friendly. Thanks to the overabundance of daily updates, you can click on any celebrity’s name and just spend hours upon hours going through her sexiest and latest pictures. There are literally thousands of hot photos for almost every girl worth looking into.

So, do you want a few expert picks before we wrap this up? One of the most popular galleries of all time, the legendary selection of candid photos that jump-started the event that later came to be known as the Fappening…. Yeah, of course we’re talking about those Jennifer Lawrence iCloud pictures. JLaw showed everything there’s to show, including her succulent b-hole. The only thing that was missing (in our Fappening blog’s collective opinion) is a bunch of photos that show Jennifer getting full-on jackhammered by her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

The other leaked collection that we are going to recommend is the one featuring WWE’s Paige. The Anti-Diva turned to be a total thot. She lets her boyfriend cum all over the NXT Women’s belt, she takes it up the bum, masturbates, fucks in public places, etc. That one featured everything we ever wanted, everything you’d expect to see from a hardcore porn flick.

Alright, with that information in mind, we fully expect you to enjoy your stay on the Fappening blog here. Get ready for a steady stream of daily updates featuring top nude celebs, irrelevant Instagram hoes, and everyone in between. Also, let’s just keep our fingers crossed for more steamy leaked galleries and other thefappening related content!